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Support to L.E.K. Consulting on a major government transformation

L.E.K. Consulting, a leading global strategy advisor, needed to complement its deep strategy and analytical capabilities with hands-on, business change delivery skills, provided by a team of independent consultants led by Steve Bannister. The team supported L.E.K. in the delivery of a major change programme for a large, complex UK central government department.

Project background

L.E.K. Consulting had been appointed as strategic advisors and implementation partners for a major UK central government transformation programme. Part of the work involved practical engagement with, and the delivery of, organisational and process changes to five geographically dispersed divisions. L.E.K. recognised the need to complement its strategic analytical capabilities with practical organisational change management experience, in order to deliver the changes successfully.

Key problems and challenges

The five geographically dispersed divisions of this public sector organisation faced significant day-to-day operational challenges and had also just been through a major organisation change. They had limited resources available to deploy to the programme and had little experience of the new commercial concepts and programme delivery disciplines that they would need to undertake as a result of the changes being rolled out by head office.

Our solution

Steve Bannister of Monro Consulting was commissioned by L.E.K. Consulting to build a team to deliver a range of key outputs as part of this large-scale business transformation programme.

The combination proved very successful. The team of experienced change consultants complemented L.E.K.’s deep strategy and analytical skills with hands-on change management capability and extensive operational experience.

The change consultants worked in close collaboration with L.E.K. colleagues and the client to deliver a range of work packages:

  • design of new business processes, inputs and outputs;
  • development and delivery of a capacity, maturity and readiness (CMR) assessment of the management and staff across five customer divisions;
  • support to the divisions in the design of their new organisation structures. This included the generation of revised workforce requirements – both capacity and high-level skills/capabilities – critical inputs to the overall business case for change;
  • implementation support for new internal “service level agreements” (SLAs) between divisions;
  • stakeholder engagement, communication and facilitation throughout the implementation of the new ways of working – the processes, organisation changes, skills and capability changes outlined above – and making the new SLAs a practical reality.

Steve Bannister and Stephen Sunderland, L.E.K.’s lead in this area of work, quickly established a strong working relationship to ensure the highest possible quality of delivery, on time and to budget, working in a tightly integrated team combining L.E.K.’s own consultants alongside the change leaders.


The combination of the L.E.K. and Monro Consulting team proved highly effective, enabling the client to establish the new organisation structures and interfaces on time and with the SLAs in place ready for the new financial year.

“Steve and his team did an excellent job alongside L.E.K. on this complex and high-profile transformation programme. We have jointly demonstrated how a large, global strategy advisor, such as L.E.K., can work flexibly with a team of independent specialists to best meet our client’s needs.”

Stephen Sunderland, Partner

L.E.K. Consulting

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