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New operating model designed and implemented in eight weeks

This market leading education software business had major performance issues. The CEO commissioned Monro Consulting to review the issues, propose solutions and help to implement a new operating model within very tight timeframes.

Project background

Monro Consulting was called in by Tribal Group at short notice to lead the review of an existing technology division and to design and implement a new operating model. The new organisation was established within eight weeks of the project kick-off.

The work was carried out in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – High Spot Review to identify the key issues, propose strategic options and agree on the preferred solution with the executive team.
  • Phase 2 – Design the new operating model and plan the implementation.
  • Phase 3 – Implement the changes.
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Key problems and challenges

The business had previously been restructured with all software architecting, design and development in one division. This had worked for a while but had resulted in significant inefficiencies. Also, many of the software products had become technology-pushed rather than market-led.

Our solution

It was evident from the outset that the new structures could be implemented within the tight timescales but the full set of organisation, process, technology and culture changes would take longer. The team, therefore, used Phase 2 to design and implement the top-level operating model and also to develop the longer-term change programme. The third phase deliberately staged over three months, consisted of specific change interventions to support the roll-out and embedding of the changes.

Monro Consulting led the development of the operating model and also facilitated the buy-in and involvement of key stakeholders throughout the work. Steve Bannister led the development and execution of the short-term transition plan and supported the Tribal Programme Director in the longer term change programme.

The work was carried out in three firm-price work packages, all delivered on time, to the customers’ satisfaction and with no increases to budget.


The new organisation structure for the division was designed and established successfully within the planned 8-week time frame. The new operating model reinforced the key concept of market-led software development.

I am very pleased with the work that Monro Consulting has delivered for Tribal. Steve Bannister and his team were brought in at very short notice to help me and my exec team restructure a key division of our business.

Keith Evans, Chief Executive Officer

Tribal Group

I am delighted with the work Monro Consulting has done for us.

Steve and his team provided excellent consulting and facilitation skills throughout the project.

Rob Garner, Managing Director, Management Systems and Solutions (MS&S) Division

Tribal Group

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