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Technology and Service Integration

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Our approach

As every year goes by, more and more of our daily activities are supported, facilitated and influenced by digital technology, and this is true across the full spectrum of people’s lives, whether involving business and commerce, public services or our own social lives.   As a result of this, it is almost impossible to consider making change to an organisation without thinking about the technology changes that will be needed to underpin that change.

We consider digital and communications technology to be a fundamental foundation for delivering more efficient and effective business outputs.  But technology change cannot be delivered in isolation.  It must be delivered as part of an integrated programme of change, and the digital technology strategy must be driven by an underpinning business strategy and vision.

Once the business strategy and supporting digital strategy have been devised, your  first step should be to establish a high-level enterprise architecture model – a blueprint which articulates in simple terms how the business and its supporting technology should be aligned.

Another strong principle we advocate is always to think about designing technology from a customer service perspective, rather than delivering technology as a set of discrete components.  For example, there is little point in introducing the very latest clever gadgets if they cannot be used to access the organisation’s corporate data on a regular and efficient basis. The architectural principles introduced under the enterprise architecture approach should be maintained throughout the design, delivery and operation of new digital services.

Designing the main components of the technology solution as a series of discrete layers – such as user interface, applications, data and infrastructure – will help to ensure greater efficiency and flexibility in the future.   We would also strongly encourage setting a ‘big vision’ for the future, but then delivering new technology services on an incremental basis. This will enable you to learn as you go and steadily build the engagement and buy-in from the leadership and key users.

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