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Strategy and Innovation

Develop your new strategy with innovation at its core to deliver competitive advantage. Stay one step ahead through opportunity recognition and strategy redevelopment.

We work in partnership with you to create innovative new strategies to help you achieve your business goals: growing your business, beating the competition, improving efficiency and effectiveness, acquiring new products or capabilities.

Our approach

Our approach to developing innovative strategies is founded upon a simple set of key principles:

  • Develop the business and technology components together – in our world of increasing interconnectedness it makes no sense to develop them in isolation.
  • Engage from the top-down – if the Chief Executive or equivalent is not driving the process, it will not succeed.
  • Involve and engage all the senior leadership team – the leaders must be intimately involved in developing, challenging and agreeing the strategy.

Our strategy and innovation method is one key component of our overall delivery framework. It dovetails seamlessly with our approach to performance improvement, process and organisation design, enterprise architecture, technology and service integration, and programme delivery.

We work in partnership with you to create and implement innovative strategies that enable you to be more successful in your marketplace or break into new areas of business.

Our strategy approach follows a logical sequence of steps:

  • Definition of scope, context and key outcomes
  • Creation of initial hypotheses
  • Research and data gathering:
    – market trends,
    – customer and competitor data,
    – existing business and technology position, and
    – economic, legislative, regulatory and other contextual data
  • Assessment, challenge and refinement of the hypotheses
  • Formation of the strategy, business case and outline case for change
  • Development of the communication messages, stakeholder engagement approach and the implementation plan.

The key outputs from the strategy process:

  • Vision statement: enabling the leadership to communicate the strategy clearly
  • Strategic Goals and Objectives: a clear definition of your strategic aims – ideally in “SMART” style, that is: Specific Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.
  • Business case: highlighting the financial benefits, costs and investment required.
  • Case-for-change: providing the tangible and intangible benefits to all stakeholders.
  • Implementation Plan: setting out the timetable, key milestones and required resources, including stakeholder engagement and communication plans.
  • Top-level architecture: highlighting how the key components of business and technology work together to deliver the strategy.
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