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Programme Delivery

Ensure successful, high-quality delivery of your major new initiatives on time and budget.

We take a pragmatic, no-frills approach to help you set up and deliver your major business change, performance improvement or transformations programmes.  We use practical, common sense and tried-and-tested methods.

Our approach

Whether it is implementing innovative crosscutting solutions, mergers and acquisitions, capital projects or IT systems development, for any change to be successful a proven project and programme delivery capability must be in place.

Our Core Delivery Themes
Many of us have experienced the difficulty of tracking and implementing decisions made at board level down through to the staff on the ground, or the effects of departments and business functions not working together, and the impact these have on time, cost and quality.  Monro Consulting has the capabilities to tackle these challenges and deliver success.

Our programme delivery approach has three core themes:

Structure and Culture – Setting up the governance structure, with clear accountability and decision-making powers, and then helping to change the organisation’s culture to adapt to a more dynamic, fast-moving environment.

Framework and Processes – Monro Consulting has a proven delivery framework that pulls together best practice methods, industry standards and practical implementation experience to help our customers deliver tangible results.

People and Skills – Our delivery team members have very extensive hands-on experience, gained over many years of working in complex and highly regulated environments.  Our specialist programme delivery experts have recognised high-quality qualifications ranging from PMI’s Program Management Professional (PgMP) and APM’s PMQ, to PRINCE2 and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) certifications.

Pragmatism and Flexibility – We can work in partnership with you to set up and deliver complex programmes.  Alternatively, we can help you to establish and build your own programme management capability; from recruiting the right people, through to developing the right programme delivery skills, and promoting a culture of delivery excellence and continuous improvement.  We have a very strong track record of helping clients to set up programme delivery arrangements and, in the process, transferring skills very effectively from our consultants to your staff.

Getting the fundamentals right
Every programme and project will vary depending on a range of factors such as: the organisational context, the goals to be achieved, the timescales, resources available and so forth.  However, in every instance, we strongly advise our clients to take the following steps to put the delivery fundamentals in place:
1. Outputs/Outcomes – Define, document and sign-off the scope, goals/aims/objectives and the terms of reference (ToRs) for your project or programme.
2. Milestones – Define the key milestones – what key outputs or outcomes do you need to achieve by which dates?
3. Work Breakdown – Define the top-down work breakdown structure.  How does the programme or project break down into work streams, sub-projects, activities?   What outputs, deliverable or outcomes does each stream produce?
4. Organisation – Establish at least the basic programme or project organisation: the programme leadership and management, the project management office (PMO) function, the leaders and managers of each project or work stream.
5. M.O. – Establish your operating regime, or “modus operandi” (M.O.): management, governance, reporting arrangements; frequency of reporting, meetings, checkpoints, quality reviews etc.
In our experience it can take anywhere between a few weeks and up to three months to initiate, pipe-clean and bed in your programme and project delivery arrangements. However, doing this set-up properly will pay dividends when it comes to achieving on time, on budget and high-quality delivery.

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