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Enterprise Architecture

Apply pragmatic, light touch techniques to align your business goals, your IT applications and technology infrastructure to maximise your business advantage.

We work in partnership with you to draw a clear picture of how your business is supported now, how it should be better supported in the future, using key components of digital and information technology, and a straightforward roadmap of how to get to that future.

Our approach

Enterprise architecture is a well-established term, but it means different things to different people.   We believe that enterprise architecture is fundamentally a practical way to align an organisation’s business strategy and processes, its digital applications and data, and its technical infrastructure.

Without an enterprise architecture in place there is a risk of failing to achieve the best possible returns from new technology investments.  An organisation could end up spending its money on the wrong IT or developing an overly complex application when an off-the-shelf solution would have met the business needs.

At Monro Consulting we have practical experience in all the leading enterprise architecture approaches and tools, such as Zachman and Togaf.  We always follow a pragmatic, incremental approach to developing the architecture, starting with a top-down definition of the business strategy, organisation structure and key processes.   With the fundamental business components in place, it is then usually a straightforward process to define the functional, data, user and network components.

A key element of our approach is to ensure that the architecture is presented in simple pictures and models so that it can be easily communicated to all key stakeholders, from the chief executive, through all key levels of management, down to the most junior members of the organisation.

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